Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 283.414 (9.)
Tribe: WBB

Villages (3) Coordinates Points
Iwo Jima
557|612 2.900
571|582 9.519
559|613 1.163
Personal picture
Personal text
I am always online. I never sleep.
I only open messages a few times a day. I always listen of the sounds from the forrests and hills. I am staying just behind you and listen, always.

Daily achievements
1x Defender of the day

Defeat the most units in this world as the defender.

Best result: on 02.12.2019 (11.191 units)

Combat achievements
Plunderer (Silver - Level 3)

Plunder resources from other villages 1.000 times.

Leader (Bronze - Level 2)

Defeat a total of 100.000 enemy units.

Robber (Bronze - Level 2)

Loot a total of 10.000 resources.

Master of the Battlefield (Wood - Level 1)

Completely destroy 25 hostile armies.

Nobles Faith (Wood - Level 1)

Defeat a nobleman in battle.

The Warlord (Wood - Level 1)

Attack 10 different players

Wallbreaker (Wood - Level 1)

Destroy 25 Wall levels using your rams.

Growth achievements
Librarian (Bronze - Level 2)

Discover 6 unique Skill Books.

Score champion (Bronze - Level 2)

Climb the rankings tables and reach 5.000 points.

Accomplished student (Wood - Level 1)

Improve your paladins' skills to a combined total of 15 skill levels.